If you want to find some cute, lovely hairstyles for kids, you can refer to this article! For summertime, we have put together a collection of different easy and quick kids hairstyles which can be done by anyone. We can say that these are styles that bring out the outer beauty of your child complimenting the inner beauty of their hearts.

1. Knotted zig zag

kid hairstyle Knotted zig zag - Top 10 best hairstyles for kids

Do you think that this is one of the cutest and very simple natural hairstyles for kids? As you know, you will need about ten or more pieces of pink or multi-colored hair rubber bands depending on the quantity of your girl’s hair. Especially, all you need to do is to part the upper half of the hair into two horizontal layers, and on each layer, create as many vertical partings as desired not making it too big or too small. Next, when you part the hair, immediately tie it up with the band. In the next step, in each part using your fingers, separate the hair into two and affix into the next layer to create a knot. In the final, you could either end up doing a ponytail or pigtails.

2. French braid

kid hairstyle French braid - Top 10 best hairstyles for kids

What a cute look to give your little girl! Someone said that you only brush the hair all to one side and knot a French braid from the middle top. Afterward, to add some style, you could get out a bit of fringe in front and slant it to the side.

3. Kiddy twisted pigtail hairstyle

kid hairstyle twisted pigtail - Top 10 best hairstyles for kids

You can make your little girl happy with that twisted pigtail, and a heart-melting smile will appear on her face. Do you agree with me that this style is pretty simple as it just requires three to four twists on a finely packed pigtail?

4. Top Knot

kid hairstyle Top Knot - Top 10 best hairstyles for kids

Firstly, you have to put hair in a ponytail high on the head, then twist the hair around into a bun. Then, secure with an extra hair elastic at the base or bobby pins, if needed.

5. Twist Wrap Ponytail

kid hairstyle Twist Wrap Ponytail - Top 10 best hairstyles for kids

It is said that whether to spruce up her go-to ponytail or keep her hair tightly in place during soccer games, this twisted creation works for any occasion and takes five minutes, tops.

6. Double Dutch Braid Buns

Double Dutch Braid Buns - Top 10 best hairstyles for kids

We can’t deny the fact that braids are always popular in little girl hairstyles. As you can see, these buns are a fun idea to diversify braided hairdos for young girls. Part your girl’s hair down the center. In the below pic, starting from the nape of the neck, Dutch braid each section, working up her head. Finally, wist the ends of the braids into buns. We make sure that the typical party hairstyle looks for the girls which can give them a stand out to their beauty.

Double Dutch Braid Buns 1 - Top 10 best hairstyles for kids

7. Free Natural Curls with Headband

Free Natural Curls with Headband 1 - Top 10 best hairstyles for kids

One thing you have to remember is to empower your young child by embracing her unique curl pattern. There’s no doubt that full and fun kinky curls need an equally noticeable floral headpiece to match. With this hairstyle, you have to offset your darling’s natural black hairstyle with a sweet flower crown. It is undeniable that a headband is an easy way to keep hair from falling into the face and add a pop of color.

8. Half Bun

Half Bun - Top 10 best hairstyles for kids

It’s no surprise that for young girls with longer locks, this easy updo keeps hair off their faces, takes only seconds to assemble, and makes for an adorably voluminous top knot she’ll love checking out in the mirror.

9. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid - Top 10 best hairstyles for kids

It is obvious that this one takes a little practice, but once you get going, the impact is well worth the time. If you try a looser, chunkier version, you can get the Elsa effect!

10. Flower Crown

Flower Crown - Top 10 best hairstyles for kids

There’s no denying the fact that a daisy chain-turned-flower crown makes any girl instantly look sweeter. It is clear that this style is perfect for a birthday party, picnic, wedding, or just a fun day playing outdoors.

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