Your hair is usually dry in case you’re within the air-conditioned room. Please select a seat to keep away from the place the air conditioner blows instantly into the hair. There are quite a lot of tricks to stop dry hair when you find yourself within the air-conditioned room. The next Vietnamese Hair hair care strategies will likely be your helpful factor to guard your pure hair fully.

Scale back Injury To Hair When Normally In The Air Conditioned Room 3 - Scale back Injury To Hair When Normally In The Air-Conditioned Room

How Does Air Conditioning Trigger Hair Loss?

  • The room is arid and dry when the air conditioner is working, which signifies that the humidity from the air is sucked away.
  • Air conditioners can peel away any moisture not simply the one within the air however in your physique too.
  • When moisture is pulled out of the pores and skin it stretches and dries up.
  • Your scalp system is usually not protected sufficient to fight dryness resulting from air con. Subsequently, air con can rob the dermis of all its moisture and the growing older course of is hastened.
  • Dry pores and skin feels itchy and turns into flaky-scalp additionally dries up resulting from air con and aggravates pores and skin issues.
  • There’s a fixed lack of water and an absence of substitute of the water that leaves pores and skin tissues undernourished.
  • Once you stroll out of the chilly environment again into the solar, the hair, scalp, and pores and skin are greeted with abrupt adjustments in temperatures which is extraordinarily dangerous.
  • The pores and skin is continually stressed and struggling to take care of its personal well being.
  • With exalted consolation ranges, your food regimen additionally results in an absence of important vitamins and hair loss.

Scale back Injury To Hair When Normally In The Air Conditioned Room 2 - Scale back Injury To Hair When Normally In The Air-Conditioned Room

To maintain your hair wholesome when sitting in an air-conditioned room, you need to take note of the next:

  • Don’t enter the air-conditioned room as quickly because it comes from the new climate. The trigger is a sudden change in temperature, sweat will evaporate shortly inflicting dry hair, resulting in the physique to chill down shortly, leading to a thermodynamic dysfunction.
  • Ought to let the indoor and out of doors temperature distinction as much as 8 levels. Don’t sit within the air-conditioning unit instantly blowing in.
  • Keep away from sitting within the air conditioner room when hair is moist as a result of hair is usually weaker and the quantity of water misplaced out of the blue will make our hair extra weak.

Scale back Injury To Hair When Normally In The Air Conditioned Room 1 - Scale back Injury To Hair When Normally In The Air-Conditioned Room

Take note of the temperature within the air-conditioned room, don’t let the temperature distinction an excessive amount of in comparison with the outside will assist your hair to scale back injury.

  • Don’t stay within the air-conditioned room for greater than 4 consecutive hours.
  • Ought to use a moisturizer spray bottle sometimes. Listen to not spray a lot, your hair will likely be oily.
  • Should you exit, you need to apply sunscreen and put on a hat rigorously to keep away from hair is damaged, dry, cut up ends.
  • In case your hair is often uncovered to air con, don’t use a hairdryer. In an emergency, you may dry your hair in a cool setting. Whether it is crucial that you simply change your coiffure usually, you need to use a particular protecting cream. Restrict the usage of chemical compounds in your hair similar to straightening, dyeing, and curling.

Shampoo And Situation Hair


  • Select anti-oxidant hair shampoos that comprise plenty of vitamin E to struggle free radicals that trigger hair growing older.
  • For individuals who often sit within the air-conditioned room, washing and conditioning their hair is essential. Use conditioner each time you shampoo to strengthen vitamins and moisture to the hair. Don’t apply dry conditioner on the hair root, which is able to make hair soiled shortly.
  • Particularly, use pure masks in your hair similar to butter, papaya, lemon or honey masks that may assist hair get better broken, improve vitality for the hair.

Enhance Humidity In The Room

Common sitting within the air-conditioned room will make the hair lose its shine and youthful vitality. It’s because the air within the air-conditioned room is usually drier, inflicting the hair to lose moisture.

Enhance Humidity In The Room - Scale back Injury To Hair When Normally In The Air-Conditioned Room

To extend room moisture and restrict hair dryness, you may place a basin of water within the room everytime you activate the air conditioner. This technique is straightforward however it is vitally efficient in rising moisture and serving to to scale back injury to hair whereas staying in air-conditioned rooms.

Drink Sufficient Water

Drink Sufficient Water - Scale back Injury To Hair When Normally In The Air-Conditioned Room

Usually, an individual’s physique must 2-2.5 liters of water per day. Nonetheless, when sitting within the air-conditioned room, the quantity of water within the physique “evaporates” quicker. Subsequently, it is advisable enhance your water consumption.

Along with consuming water, you can even use recent juices, particularly orange juice. This isn’t solely a supply of water, however orange additionally supplies quite a lot of nutritional vitamins and minerals for the physique.

Within the winter, the climate is dry so whenever you keep underneath air-conditioner every day, your hair will lose water in every strand. Sporting weave hair extensions will enable you keep away from the dry hair from air-conditioner and shield your scalp.